Computer Labs

When we are talking about computer science, we becomes more crazy. As we are specialized in teaching computer science since 2000, we must have been some advancement into the computer labs and our teaching methologies.

First and foremost thing to tell about our speciality is that we have an e-agreement with Microsoft and we have now Microsoft Certified Campus.

We have two computer science laboratories with total 40 plus systems well equipped with all required latest version of software.

We have high speed broadband connection into the lab which is specially not shared but individually at 512 Kbps speed.

We have 3LCD Based projector into our lab so that contents can be delievered in interactive video tutorial formats and live programming classes can be facilitated.

Apart from this we believe that - "Best way to learn is to experience It." that's why all students have 1 and half hour daily practical session in regular schedule as well as if required he/she can sit into the lab from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM after taking permissions from HOD.

To learn assembling, installation and troubleshooting every student has given access to hardware toolkit as well as PCs to experiment.



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