Code of Coduct




Students should be soberly and modestly dressed the Uniform while attending the College.


Ragging is strictly prohibited by law. Any student found indulging in it will be severely punished.


Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in all areas of the campus. Use of cell phones outside the students’ Class rooms would entail possession of the handset by the College Management. It would be returned only:


(a) At the end of the Session or, (b) After payment of a fine of Rs. 1,000/-.


No student shall leave the College at any time during the training hours without permission of the Principal, who will accord such permission.


Students are strictly to follow the decorum of public behavior and avoid the use of abusive language and indecent manners in all their interactions.


Every student must carry the identity card issued by the College and is required to produce it as and when needed.


It is compulsory for the students to attend Assembly and also Independence Day / Republic Day Function / Annual Sports / College Foundation Day / Annual Function of the College whether on working days or on holidays. In case of absence at any of these without valid reasons, the Principal will take disciplinary action.


Students must also attend seminars / workshop / awareness programs organized by the College.


Waiting in the corridors / principal room/ in front of the main gate and around the campus during the college hours is strictly prohibited.


Disfiguring of walls, furniture or any of the properties of the College with writing or in any other manner will be viewed with grave concern and may result in imposition of fine, suspension from classes or dismissal from the College.


It is essential that each student strictly and rigidly observes all Rules and Regulations enforced at the time of admission and subsequently issued from time to time.


A member is expected to be fully aware of the code of conduct and responsible behaviors. Any breach of the code of conduct or any irresponsible behavior on the use of Library facilities will invite disciplinary action.

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